What to Do Next After You See “check engine” light Warning

check engine light Warning

We all depend on our cars and want it to stay healthy as long as it can. The very simple fact, that any issue cropping up with our vehicle will not only ask for a monetary investment, but also make our commuting difficult  for some days are reasons enough to panic, whenever anything doesn’t sound right with our car.

But we are still not scared to that extent, when our tires go flat, or if the exterior body suffers from a scratch or dent, but we do tend to panic, if the dashboard warns us with a light showing “check engine” message. To help you out from such an unsettling state of mind, if you face such a situation, we are penning down a few steps you should be ready to follow, when your dashboard signals you to “check engine”.

We got these tips from a group of experts serving at a Chevrolet service center in Pinehurst. We got to know about them when we searched on the web with Chevrolet check engine light Pinehurst. As soon as we reached there, the cordial team of mechanics suggested us the following to do, if we ever find our cars in such trouble.

Address the Issue in Time

If you see the “check engine” light on the dashboard your car, you must visit a repair shop as soon as possible or at least within fourteen days, suggested the head of the mechanical team in the Pinehurst Chevrolet Service Center.

It Isn’t Always Indicating the Worst

The mechanics amusingly shared their experience, that in most cases, more than the mechanical damage that has triggered the“check engine” light in the car, it is state of the minds of car owners that show more damage. But keeping jokes apart, the mechanics wanted to assure us, that a “check engine” light in the car won’t necessarily mean that a series of expensive repairs, is now on the cards. Sometimes the light can come up because of as simple a condition like an improperly fitted gas cap.

Or it could be the damage occurred in the signal itself, or an issue with the fuel, exhaust or emissions system. Sometimes even misfired spark plugs damaging the catalytic converter of your vehicle or the engine sensor that is at fault, triggering on the “check engine” light.

What to do Next

So the mechanical experts of the Pinehurst Chevrolet CEL had the following suggestions for all the drivers who ever encounters with a “check engine” light issue:

  1. The first and foremost step to be followed immediately is to get a thorough diagnostics done from a reputed repair center.
  2. As the “check engine” light is a sure indication of a problem, no amateur DIY should be done, that can lead to a more serious issue.
  3. One should make sure to give the car for repair only to an authorized service center.

But before you take the car for a repair, you can surely check the gas cap or other parts by popping up the hood, without panicking.

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