2020 G90: What is Packed Inside this Full-Size Luxury Sedan from Genesis

Luxury Sedan from Genesis

The last two years have seen some great changes in the segment of premium luxury cars. To be specific, the brand Genesis after bifurcating from its parent concern Hyundai had redefined the art of in-car luxury, where only a few brand names could be seen competing each other. With the release of 2020 G90 series, Genesis had hit the market with a new concept of laying out the luxury notes in a full-size sedan. The new 2020 edition of G90 has been remodeled, redesigned and reordered with diamonds studded on its exterior body that has also been widened in its width than before.

Ask any renowned dealership like the Riverside Genesis and you will get to know how Genesis has been progressing through these years in a galloping speed, running parallel to the pioneers of this segment. It has already thrown a fierce challenge to the stalwarts of this segments by presenting a car that looks equally good inside and out, while packing inside more count of luxury features at a comparatively better price then them.

Making an Astonishing Style Statement

The new 2020 model edition of Genesis G90 comes with a dramatically changed styling format that will astonish everybody, to find diamonds scattered generously on its exterior body. By making this new style statement, the brand also promotes its new theme of Horizontal Architecture styling.

Changes can be seen almost everywhere. But to start with we will first mention the most noticeable one that is the pentagonal grille that now stretches wider than before flanked with gorgeous headlamps. What will hold your attention yet longer is the couple of  horizontal light bars that run striking through these headlights running all the way to reach the front wheel arch and finishing its journey. Even the hood and fenders are new too, with the latter being relocated to a more prominent place. The fender vents that are also stricken with that horizontal bar carries an exclusive aura around the fascia.

Luxuriating Interior

The newly introduced diamond pattern is also observed to be sprinkled on the 19-inch wheels and the on the plush looking interior upholstery, that echoes the richness installed in every corner of the new 2020 G90’s cabin. And who won’t notice the newly introduced copper accents that uplifts the level of sophistication and grandeur to the next.

To complete the circle of convenience, Genesis has installed in the cabin of the 2020 G90, a 12.3-inch touchscreen display for the infotainment system that can be automatically updated through the wireless connectivity. Genesis cars are always known for their noise-canceling technology that can muffle down any sound that tries to enter the serene cabin atmosphere. To keep the cabin always fresh, Genesis automates the climate-control system that goes to the recirculation mode whenever the G90 enters a tunnel.

At the Riverside Genesis dealer, we found the 2020 lineup of Genesis G90 to be powered by a 365-hp making 3.3-liter V-6 twin-turbocharged engine while one can also pep up the performance even more with an all-wheel drive engine of 5.0-liter V-8 capacity that can push up the horsepower count to a whopping 420-hp.

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