What Is The Difference Between The New And Old Honda Brio

Honda Brio

Recently, Honda has released its one of the new second generation Brio hatchback in Indonesia. It is assumed that company will soon going to launch it in India as well and it is good news for all Honda Brio lovers. Hopefully it is estimated that, the Honda Brio would be launched in India till 2019.  Here we compare the old generation and new generation Brio so, what results it bring let it know with us below.

Honda Brio
Honda Brio new


  First Generation (Indian model) Second Generation (Indonesia model)
Length 3610mm 3815mm
Width 1680mm 1680mm
The height 1500mm 1485mm
Wheelbase 2345mm 2405mm
Boot space 175 liters 258 liters


If we compare both the models on the basic of their designs then, what we found is that the old Honda Brio has got old fashion where new one is designed as per the modern and new technology. The major changes that took place are: headlamps, bonnet, and boot lid.

The new Honda Brio has given their customers a different way to explore with the new changes adopted such as flat and long bonnet, thin swapping headlamps and Honda’s new grill like its 2018, Honda Amaze. Sides of the car are much clear then before, its back doors are kept big. The developers of Honda Brio has placed its roofline in slopping layout and also added an antenna on the back side of roof.

Honda Brio old
Honda Brio old

The new Brio has got the traditional boot lid where, the old generation Brio has got all glass boot lid, and it also has new tail lamps. 

Engine and gearbox

The second generation Honda brio has a capacity 1.2 liter I-Vtech petrol engine which is also taking is use existing model and in India it is available in Honda jazz and amaze as well. Its power is 90 Ps and torque is 110 nm. This amazing car is available with 5 speed manual gearbox standard to make your drive too easy and comport, and in India Honda Brio has only 5-speed torque converter automatic gearbox. Apart from that the model launched in Indonesia has an option of 7- step CVT gearbox. But, the question arises in the mind is that, the coming Honda Brio India would have diesel engine or not? Well, according to us the probability for having the diesel engine is very low.


If we see list of changes made in the new Honda Brio then, there is no major change is adopted at all, even its dashboard’s design is as same as old model. Apart from that, if we consider 2018 Honda Amaze so, it has a new dashboard layout.

In Indonesian model, the developers of Honda Brio gave the option the Bluetooth with 6.1 inches touch screen infotainment system as compare to old model. And other major change that you can avail in new Honda Brio includes: regular halojon multi-reflector headlamps, ABS, EBD, 14 inches wheel (15 inches in RS version), two air bags and LED light guide

It is estimated that, the features of new Honda Brio can be bring from the Honda Amaze, which includes: 7.0 inches digiped, 2.0 infotainment system, auto climate control, passive key lace entry, push button start/stop and 15 inches alloy wheel. And you can control this system via using your Android auto or Apple car play as well.



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