Tata Harrier official teaser video released: Shows SUV being tested for durability

Tata Harrier

Tata Motors is leaving no stone unturned to make sure that the Harrier is a well engineered SUV. The Indian automaker has just released a new teaser video that shows the Harrier being put through the paces on a cobblestoned track that’s typically used by automakers globally for endurance/durability testing. In the video, Tata Motors also notes that the Harrier SUV has been put through 2.2 million kilometers of testing ‘through the toughest of terrains’. The teaser video also announces that the Harrier will be launched in early 2019. The production version of the SUV is expected to be unveiled by the end of this year though. Meanwhile, watch the teaser video below.

he Harrier will be the first Tata car to be based on the OMEGA platform. OMEGA, which expands into Optimal Modular Efficient Global Architecture, is an Indianized version of the Land Rover LS550 platform. It will underpin a range of future Tata SUVs including the Harrier, and its seven seat sibling that will follow – the H7X.

Aluminium bits on the OMEGA platform have been replaced with high tensile steel bits to push down cost and make the platform affordable enough for the mass market. However, the many good bits of the platform, such as top drawer suspension design, chassis rigidness, steering response and other key attributes have been retained to give OMEGA platform underpinned vehicles best-in-class performance.

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