Jeffery Breault – Tips to Improve Performance in Car Racing

Car Racing

Jeffery Breault is the Vice President of Cary Thomas Hoover & Breault and presently lives in Wichita. He is passionate about cars and fond of automotive racing. Besides racing, he loves listening to country music. He has a lot of knowledge about racing cars, and keenly shares his interest with everyone who is equally interested in the field.

Jeffery Breault – The importance of driving smooth on race tracks

He says that when it comes to car racing, there is a common misconception in people that it is very simple. However, this is not true. A good car racer needs to be aware of safety procedures and other rules that pertain to safe automotive racing on the track. The professional should be very cautious when it comes to car racing and not only focus on speed when it comes to racing cars on track!

According to Jeffery Breault, drivers of racing cars on the race track should avoid jerky movements on the track. They should be slow and smooth with the steering wheel and not treat the accelerator and brakes like speed switches that turn on and off on the track. Experienced drivers of racing cars state that a good driver will always focus on what the car is doing and not on the speed. Automotive racing drivers make a huge effort as not to upset the balance of the vehicle, and this is why they are able to drive faster. In short, being smooth on the track means one can go faster.

Know where you wish to take the car

Jeff Breault says that you should know where you wish to take the racing car when you are on the tracks. It is prudent to keep a distance of at least two vehicles when you are on the racing circuit. For beginners, the above takes a lot of practice. However, with time, one can easily control the car and take it in the direction desired.

Know the racing track well for success

The racing track is important for success. A good driver will visit the racing track and feel how his vehicle actually reacts to it. Good drivers should note that the track might change due to weather and climatic conditions. They are mostly affected by humidity and temperature. The effect of these track changes will affect your tires. Both need to be in sync with one another for a good performance. So, before a tournament make a note of the humidity and the temperature of the tracks and ensure your tires are able to perform on them.

In the words of Jeffery Breault, good drivers also focus on safety on the track. They do not concentrate on speed all the time. As mentioned above, in order to pick up speed on the race track, the driver needs to focus on being smooth on the circuit. In this way, he is able to perform well. Last but not least, vehicle checks should be conducted regularly, and the tires should be able to withstand the demands of the track while participating in a tournament.

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